Industry Acting on Microfibres

The Problem

Plastic pollution is a widespread issue that has risen rapidly in the public consciousness and political agenda over the past few years. Microfibres, which are thought to make up over one third1 of all microplastics, are a contributor to the overall plastics issue. As small shreds of plastic smaller than 5mm in length, it is estimated that approximately half a million tonnes of microfibres end up in our oceans each year. However, no single viable solution will stop the issue and as such input from cross-sector industry players across the full life cycle of a microfibre is required.

Our Mission

To accelerate coordinated industry action to address the issue of plastic microfibre pollution.

Our Values

We recognise that it is the responsibility of business from all stages of the lifecycle of a microfibre to lead the agenda on finding solutions. We are driven as industry leaders to do the right thing to tackle plastic microfibre pollution and create a more sustainable future for people and our planet.

Who We Are

Industry Acting on Microfibres (IAM) emerged from the desire of leading industry organisations to get ahead of the plastic microfibres agenda and to urgently collaborate around solutions to the issue. The group comprises of ten leading companies across the full lifecycle of a microfibre, supported by research and industry expertise from the University of Leeds and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

Members Include

IAM is convened by Sancroft, a sustainability consultancy that supports some of the world’s leading companies to improve their environmental, ethical and social impact. For more information please contact [email protected].

Our Objectives


Establish an evidence base that can drive forward innovative solutions to tackle the issue of microfibre pollution.


Galvanise industry into action by building consensus and developing a blueprint of guidance, actions and collective commitments for key stakeholders to work towards.


Build partnerships, collaborate on solutions and share knowledge to support the wider plastics agenda.

As part of its commitment to find evidence-based solutions IAM is undertaking research into the issue of microfibres pollution. We will update this site as we identify opportunities for action.

IAM welcomes opportunities to collaborate with others who are tackling the issue of microfibres pollution. If you are interested in working with us, please contact [email protected].


  1. Primary Microplastics in the Oceans: a Global Evaluation of Sources